Thursday, 10 July 2014

Papers and presentations from the 1st ACM SIGPLAN TRUST workshop

Dear colleagues,

Just a note that all papers and presentations from our 1st ACM SIGPLAN TRUST workshop on Reproducible Research Methodologies and New Publication Models in Computer Engineering are now available online at:

We had many interesting and lively discussions, and it looks like one of the major current concern is about how to share experimental results in a reproducible way with all related software and (possibly rare) hardware dependencies. We also need to keep track and  attribution of all artifacts in ever changing environments.

Finally, we need to improve the reviewing process for publications
as well as shared artifacts. Hence, we proposed a new publication
model which we will try at the next ADAPT'15:

Since there is no yet universal solution to these problems, we will continue monitoring new tools and hope to continue our public discussions in the future!

Have fun,

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